Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Time To Celebrate

I couldn't remember exactly, when was the last time I wrote something here..
Since the day I started working, I couldn't balance the time of work and social networks, because I have to sleep and eat, that's my new hobby for now. 
By the time I am going back to Philippines, maybe some of my friends will notice me of getting fatter. #Ihavetoacceptthehurtfultruth
But anyway, I just want to share some pictures where we had a mini celebration for my birthday and G-anne's birthday.
Actually, last November 10, the day when I turned 20, I really don't feel like it was my day. It started pretty sad actually, I was relief that time having a duty shift of 11 am-7 pm, nobody from the regular staff greeted me, but I don't expect them to know that, that day was my birthday, moving on, I felt tired and sick, I was having a flu and my whole body felt like giving up already, and the night of my birthday, there was a situation were I really wanted to cry, I just don't want to mention it right here because I want to forget it lah. ( now, I am starting to use lah in my blogs. hahah)
Anyway, so I think I end up, doing self pity when I arrived home. and I think I cried that day, No, I cried that day.
Last November 22, we had our celebration at Abang Hairi's house, we celebrated there because our house doesn't have tables and chairs, (yes, we are that poor here in Malaysia) HAHAHA. 
We did the cooking, actually it was April and Hannah who exerted a lot of effort, Hannah was the one who made the spaghetti and April made the afritada, Me and Ming helped during mis-en-place. Also, G-anne and Christine made the Fruit Salad, which was really the highlight of my night. 
Seriously, I miss Pinoy food, and I wanted to eat Pinoy food. Now, I am starving.

Le master chef (l-r Ming, April, G-anne, Hannah,Christine)

View from Abang's House. 

The traditional singing of Happy Birthday before eating and after praying..

Let the Makan-Makan begin!

The Aftermath.

basically, everyone.

aaaaand, here we go. ;))

After that night, I went home with a HAPPY TUMMY. and I felt like I added another pound. HAHAHA. Yeah, I am a fat ass 20 year old now, so, don't judge.;))

V <3

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