Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake Decorating.

Cake Decorating was our finals in HRM 115 (BAKING AND PASTRY)
But before hand,  I made a cake and tried to practice for my final piece.
I couldn't think of a design that would really suite my personality, since the basic strokes are pretty hard for me, (basic pa gne na) and I don't think I could survive with the PLAIN basic, so I end up with this concept.

That is exactly what I wanted to happen, it's simple, but I find it challenging, imagine the patience of handling the star tip, plus I have to mix and be loud with the color. RAINBOW should consist of 8 colors, but same with the picture, I reduced it to 4. So here's my practice piece.

It does not look exactly the same, because the colors were to delicate, and the mixture of the icing was not perfectly achieved. 

When the final came, I was anxious.
And my decoration was a failure. :(
I wanted to cry, really. I can't blame anyone but myself, I can't answer any question, to why and what happened. :( On the brighter side, others would still appreciate what i've done, and their "ka cute ani oi" comment would lift up my soul. 

So here's my final cake decoration: 

 It's depressing.
To lighten up my depressing cake, see what my other friends did, I can assure you, you can order cakes from them, specially from Emmerey she's good and I like her cake, simple and classy. :)


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