Friday, November 11, 2011


What's with?
Based on past calendar dates such as 10/10/10, or October 10,2010, no significant or unusual phenomenon occurs simply because of a date that has the same numbers in a sequence.
The numerical sequence of November 11 holds a special significance in the binary numeral system, which is the base-2 number system that represents numeric values using two symbols, 0 and 1. The date November 11 has binary number of 111110 where it has decimal equivalent of 62 in the year 2010, and a binary number of 111111 with a decimal equivalent of 63 in the year 2011.
The number eleven has special characteristic in mathematics where it is the sixth number. it contains some interesting peculiarities where the number eleven times itself equals a palindrome:
(2 digits) 11x11=121
(6 digits) 111111x111111=12345654321
(9 digits) 111111111x111111111=12345678987654321

You still find the numbers insignificant? 
In my part, I really wanted this day to be a memorable one, as I was browsing my FB account, I found a lot of informative post about a promo of Mang Inasals'. 
It says : 11 person, for 11 chicken with 11 rice and 11 drinks, if you can't consume all up, you will pay for P 1,111. It honestly catched my attention, as I was saying I wanted this day to be memorable so,I immediately contact my group of  friends and talked about it. Only 7 confirmed. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, 'what's the catch Mang Inasal? yeah, it's 11/11/11 and do you think the profit of today's sales will not depreciate than the usual.' But, on the lighter side, I tried contacting Mang Inasal,to confirm the posts; searched local phone numbers on the internet and visit the official website, however this slapped my face.

LOL! where the hell that 11 person for 11 rice, chicken and drinks came from? 
So it was obviously fake, bluff and I felt hilariously miserable for myself thinking about it to be true.
If it was true, I bet, all 3 branches of Mang Inasal in the city proper will be full of people. stampede to exact.
Defensibly saying, I was  hungry that time, I haven't ate my breakfast, so that's the effect. :]


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