Saturday, September 17, 2011


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I don't really know how to start everything. For my blog's readers out there, if there's any, i'm really sorry if I haven't updated the last couple of days ago...
Well, Okay, People are like watever, they started to care, ignore, then care again. Why do some people kept on doing things, that could hurt others. How could they handle this kind of things, and sadly saying, they could just say it easily to your face. Mocking, for example. I know a lot of guys, girls, or gays, who mocked other people's physical appearance, like, they were created PERFECTLY. How could they handle that?
I don't really know where this post is heading to, but I just want to pour all my feelings in this blogpost.
A lot of people change, maybe because of the environment they have right now, or the kind of friends, they hang out with. We can't just tell, or we are just swetly insecure that we will keep on spotting all the flaws of their lives.
Last Thursday, during our ENG7 lecture class, before we bid goodbye to everyone, Ma'am Joy shared a really sad story.
It was a graduation day in the school, Everyone was happy and glad and thankful that after 4 or more years, they finished schooling and did their part in return to their parents, but one dad was sad and approached a faculty of CASS. He was looking for the adviser of his daughter, when he finally met the adviser, he asked and blame everything to the adviser why didn't the adviser helped his daughter to graduate.Thinking that her daughter already sent pictures of her wearing the 'toga' and stuffs that made her father really excited to see his daughter on stage and receive the diploma.Upon searching for the students background and records and everything about school papers, the adviser told the dad that his daughter stopped school way back 1st year on the 1st semester. The sad part is, the father was a farmer, and away from here, from the city. You know, these kind of people, the farmers 'mag-uuma' was really hard working, and would do anything just for their children. Hoping that their child would uplift them from their current status of their life. The Dad cried,infront of the adviser, together with his wife. The saddest part is, the daughter kept on receiving allowances from them, deceived her parents about the tuition fees and all those miscellaneous fees that she would asked.
The point here is that, Our parents would do great sacrifices for us to get the needs and wants that we asked from them. Now,are we paying enough for their sacrifices? For others who have better status in life,they wouldn't mind how much pain and effort their parents do their job and extra job for them. Others skip classes, don't do their part as a student, wouldn't mind taking notes and opening their books to read. Others party all night, get drunk, pass out and tardiness. Others kept on asking things from their parents with low grades and just being spoiled. These things aren't permanent. We have to strive for tomorrow and be prepared for what tomorrow would bring us. 
Because afterall,Life is like a wheel, once your'e up, you always go down..

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