Saturday, September 17, 2011


iamveeh was derived from the blog contributor names; Vanessa, Her first name letter was V. which was obviously the reason for coming-up with the username she has now. Wordpress was the first formal blog she have this year, and days after she discovered Posterous through a friend.
I am Vanessa and therefore this is my blog, I started writing things around since I was in elementary, I love writing, it enhances everything. Back when I was in grade school, I used to gave letters to my friends, and in return they used to respond my letters, eventhough we kept on seeing each other and close to one another, i still like to give them letters. When i reached highschool days, letters were still present, but this time, they're loveletters. LoveLetters; those words that can't be express using the mouth and tounge but instead they're written in a piece of paper expressing feelings towards her. For me, it's not cheesy or corny but I am impress if a guy could find ways to express feelings for the girl he loves, being 'torpe' isn't an excuse, you have all possible ways to express, and it's up to you if you'll use it or not. Anyway, back to letters, I still wrote letters to my friends, a simple 'thank you' note and 'sorry for what i've done' and anything else that comes around, birthday greetings perhaps, or even heartaches. </3 
I love writing, it makes me HAPPY. and the more i wanted to write, the more i enhance my penmanship, I usually receive this penmanship appreciation these days, and they would usually add after appreciating, 'ganahan man gud xa magsulat2'. There are seldom people whom I know of having a good penmanship, Glyde Paulyn, my bestfriend, her penmanship was really great. I mean great like PERFECT. then Keith Ocana, we were classmates in gradeschool days and back then I used to admire how her penmanship would looked like on a piece of paper, then Zeth Maravillas, though he was a boy, there's this thing on his penmanship that really amazed me, he used to join Slogan contest before hand. Right now, there's this girl in our class who have a great penmaship ever, she's Charmaine Regencia, they have a similiarities with Glyde's penmanship, it's like when i saw Cham's work, i used to think that Glyde and me are on the same room, hahaha. *imagination*  During first day meeting, Cham was always appointed to be the Secretary. HA!
IAMVEEH. this is my username and could led you to another page of my other sites. Facebook, Google+ or even Tumblr. I love to have a uniform username, in order for me not to have confusion with the other sites. I created my account here because blogging/ writing is within me. I couldn't let a day pass without writing anything; notes, diary, activities, letters. anything, as long as it involves writing. Having a blog is like having a photo album, you can browse anytime, everywhere, whoever you are with. Blogging makes me happy, smile and reflects on my actions i did for the day. Blogging makes my language enhance, I really don't care if people would actually laugh at my blog and find my site ridiculous, I blog to express, not to impress. 

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