Saturday, September 17, 2011


I only had one class today, and that was Cost Control, first hour in the morning. O______o We had this brain draining test. 'chos, JOKE! it was quite easy, but then I got really confused, and I got some mistakes for sure, listening to my friends while they were discussing their answer, oh! seriously?!
Anyway, at 2pm, Pao and me had our movie date . The showing movies at the cinemas are, ONE DAY, PHOBIA3, THELMA and SHARK NIGHT.:D I really loved to watch ONE DAY, but since, I haven't read my entire book, I won't spoil myself, I mean, I really have to read it before I will watch it, because i feel more excited when I am reading, but I am fun of watching. *nonsense* HAHA
We chose PHOBIA 3, because it is a horror movie. I like watching horror films with baby. :) As we enter, I noticed the clips were quite familiar, then I said ' Oh my GOD! babe, kita naman dy ko ani' then it spoils everything, and I just immediately added ' pero gnahan ko mu watch balik, kalimut nako' *palusot* But seriously, I like watching the movie again.
After watching, we just walk towards mall's exit, it was raining, Pao was hungry.Then we just wanted to eat; When we talk about where to eat, it would really be A BIG QUESTION for both us, it's like we have to suggest our likes then we would discuss the negative aspects of it, or we have to consider those places that we haven't been before, just things like that. Deciding where to eat is a long process of decision-making for us.
We ended up at Pizza 'FITA' i forgot the last name. Across Alberto's Pizza, we actually heard a lot of negative feedbacks regarding their food, but it was me, who insist that we should eat there. So I end up eating their food with FULL REGRETS! Believe me! the food was really NOT GOOD! We just enjoyed their WIFI connection. :DDD
After an hour, Pao went home, then I was with Shanice, Lady, and Sheila, we went to MUGNA, we were having fun; tried the 'CONQUISTADOR' Sheila and Lady was quite nervous and kept on shouting until their tonsils drop, HA! as for me and Shan, we want MORE!. It was only Shanice and Me who were braver hihi. Moving on to the next ride the'GALACTIC RIDE' I accompanied Shanice. Lady and Sheila didn't want to experience it because I don't know, Lady already experienced it and Sheila felt dizzy; After that dusty ride and noisy girls in their own cell, finally it's over and just after my last step out from the stairs, my sister texted me that I should go home.So  I went home first because Mama wanted me to be home at that very moment!
over all, that was one unfoegetable night! <3

V ♥

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