Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm already up 7:45 in the morning, started preparing for a class at 9:00. Everything was in smooth flow. Ma'am Iyay was discussing about Food Purchasing,which is also essential to our course. We had our break at 11-ish and I went home to ate my lunch. Nothing really important happened to me that moment. I spent atleast 30 minutes of my time, sitting down at the dining table and listening to Mama and my sister were talking about something, I am their witness. HAH!
Moving on, 15 minutes before the time, I rush to school and THANK GOD! I wasn't late.
Ma'am Iyay continued discussing about Food Marketing, and after 20 minutes of talking she gave us a quiz.
That was the lowest score I could ever remember in my entire college life. I felt like I was really humiliated by myself, I was listening but how come, I haven't answered every question Ma'am Iyay gave us. That was really sad. :( I only have 1 class during Mondays, and I still couldn't recover from the quiz that we had.

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