Sunday, September 25, 2011


Since today is your birthday; You are the star of this blog for today. :))
You're already 20 years old, and that means, goodbye teenage dreams, hello adulthood. xD

How will I starts explaining about Myco:
Well, He's my classmate back when I was in 5th Grade, and We were classmates 4 years in our highschool, got separated as we enter tertiary years, but taking different course wasn't the hindrance of our friendship. Communication and Bondings  are also present in our group so it's impossible to loose contact with each other.

Myco is a smart guy, marunong dumiskarte sa buhay, he's friendly and caring to his friends. Though a lot will complain about the loud voice that he has, which is a BIG CHECK! That wouldn't stop me from loving and liking him as my friend.

He is one of the close friend I have in my entire life, and no one could ever replace the spot Myco holds right now.. chaaaar! (kay birthday lge nimu, char gyuud ni. :)

A video for you, nevermind the FUGLY face. >:( HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYCO! :**

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