Friday, December 23, 2011

December 16,2011

This post was supposed to be posted last December 17.
But since, It's very inappropriate for my conscience to post something happily when others were grieving about what they've lost and how things happened in a sudden; I choose to give my self and my blog some time to recover over things and then resume with the normal life I have.

December 16, was a very memorable day. It's the Christmas party of my gang!
and we planned this a month ago,so basically, that day was really prepared.
So, 8 am @Merry Muffet, in fairness with my friends, they were not late, and they were really punctual when comes to the said time, they were there before 8. (para ako lang yung turtle sa grupo.)
We went to Marvillas. It's my first time to be there, at Marvillas, and as far as I could remember, 'nung December 16 pa ako nakabalik maligo sa Timoga. 
For others who doesn't have any idea what Timoga is, it is one of the pride of Iligan City,a swimming pool where Water is flowing and clean, and 100% natural! :) plus, the entrance fee is only 50.00. That is unlimited dipping in the pool.

I seriously had the FUGLIEST face underwater, I don't wished to be a mermaid, because If i did, sus! shokoy guro ko! bwuahahahahah!
So, the succeeding underwater pictures would be my friends' faces.

I envy taojo and Em2. :( they both look good underwater. shessh! kami tawun, mag struggle pa. K.

For our food.
I bought 2kilos of pork, we grilled it, then Sheila and Shanice, bought fish, we also grilled it.
Lady brought chicken adobo, JJ, brought rice for everyone and chips, Paolo was assigned with the drinks, and Emmerey and Taojo was in-charged with cake :) Imagine, how many food we have that time. :)))) there's many babe! :) and there's only 8 of us. Thank you Lord for thy food we ate.

So there! we also have our exchanging gifts. :) Last year, the concept was about something you worked hard for, like you crafted or you made for your manito-manita, this year, it was a T-shirt printing. sadly, for me, I have the poorest ability in drawing so my manita suffered with the consequences, but nevermind the 'kampat-ness' great gifts comes from the heart. :)

My shirt was given by Taojo,
Paolo was from Lady's
Lady's from Em2.
Em2 was from me. :)
Sheila was from Paolo's amazing work.
Shanice was from Sheila.
Taojo was given by JJ.
then JJ, (which is not in this picture) was from Shanice.

There you have it! our Christmas party, this party was planned on the 17th, Goodthing! our minds changed, and we had it on the 16th. We were @Marvillas, before Sendong ..... :(  *sigh*
P.S. more pics at my Flash. I don't want to show it all here, for security purposes. 'chows!


  1. merry Christmas EM! :) uhm, iupload jd? HAHA. tagaan lang tamug copy puhon. hehehe.