Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We are YOUNG. :]

HRM95'sCulminating Activity.
Sometimes, I like it how our major subjects finals will turn out like, but sometimes, it's making our body feel stressed out! Anyhow, the outcomes, FANTASTIC! :) and UH-MAZIING! <3

For HRM95, Banquet, Function, and Catering Procedures, we decided to have a CHILDREN'S PARTY! yeaaay! So, it turned out like Lily's 7th birthday and everyone is really dressed up for the said occasion. :))

:)) When everyone feels like they're back with those days that all they care about is food and toys. :)
HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY LILY! :) Foods wasn't served yet, i mean, displayed yet.

This is the only remnant that makes me remember during our number. :( how sad, none of us have a copy of a video. And none of the children during that time, took time to record us. char! picture ra intwn. :/

During War Games, No one was being 'KJ' I mean, even me, I was really excited about the games. :)) I actually joined almost all of it, I think, I only missed 2 games, and I really had fun, though I do have idea of the prices already, I still wanted to enjoy and break-free! :))

look who's with us, Ronald McDonald, Sheila, and Lois is afraid of him, I mean, all mascots in town, and around the world, but I don't see the point why they're afraid of them? they're cute and making all means to make their family survive from hunger, CHAR! where am I heading to? 
Basta, Ronald McDonald was with us that moment. :)

HRM95 class of 2011. 
according to schedule, monday,Tuesdays&thursdays,Wednesdays&Fridays

Overall, that was as amazing day, :)) I felt like I was a baby girl, and all I care about is my toys and me. :)

Photo Credits:
Hannah Bonggas & Charmaine Regencia. :)

V ♥

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