Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A random thought.
*Taking a deep breath*

-.The boy dislike his girlfriend to dress up too much. And always setting up rules whenever they're out. Though the girl loves him soo much, but somehow, there's always a feeling of insecure. She wants to be pretty by dressing up for her boyfriend, but her boyfriend doesn't like her to be that way.

-.A boy wants to be with a girl for almost 24 hours of the day. He starts to act demanding around the girl but the girl wouldn't mind a thing because he's the boss.

-.The girl is happy with her social sites, on the other hand, the boy doesn't like his girlfriend to be online. In that case, she would follow what his boyfriend wants.

-.The boy doesn't like his girlfriend to speak with other boys, by gender or technically speaking 'BOYS'; weather one is gay or straight, for as long as one is classified as male by gender, he wouldn't like his girlfriend to utter a word in front of any other boy aside from him.

-.The boy does not support his girlfriend in anything that she does, but the girl would practically, faked everything just to show others how supportive her boyfriend is, though he's not.

-.The girl wants to end her relationship with her boyfriend, BUT HOW?!

*Everytime, she would tried to create the conversation about all these stuffs, it would only lead to misunderstandings and purely boring discussion. It all started on their 14th month, strangely, everything wasn't normal, he was trying to be possessive and obsessed with his girlfriend.  Then he started creating rules, not to do this and that, you are not allowed to wear these, don't talk with them, blah.blah.blah. 
After all, the love that the girl felt for her boyfriend, slowly fades, and the way the boy acts around his girlfriend  already suffocating.*

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