Monday, September 19, 2011


Extending the vacay!
Day starts at 7:30 my alarm doze me up, and ohh mhen! Do I really have a class today? I was really annoyed by what my friend texted me last night. It was about Mam Iyay's message, 'if there would be no news about college levels having class suspension, we will have our class', but how is that possible when there's no mode of transportation to be used. I mean, except for those people who have drivers and private cars that will take them to places they wish. I texted other friends, if they'll go to school, others says yes, others says NO. and the bottomline, is, Mam Iyay wasn't able to see a jeepney that she could ride on going to school, buti nga sa kanya.!' chos! 

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