Saturday, September 24, 2011


This post comes from the thoughts running inside my vein.
First thing, I am MIA since ugh! i forget when was that, but that's not really important for now. I am blogging for a cause, char! Just this morning, our adviser called for a meeting, the agenda was really broad, and while she was talking, I suddenly realize that I have to be mature enough to know which way should I chose.
There are 2 semesters to go, OJT, then I'm done with my school chapter. Good bye four-corner-room lessons, and hello reality-everyday-situations. Am I supposed to be happy with that? or feel pressure about everything?

Before answering my own question, here's another question that just popped out from my head,
 4 years ago, I really don't know what path should I take.
Papa wants me to become a teacher, Mama wants me to become a nurse. O___o Not by breaking their heart but I want a career that would make me happy and satisfied, because after all it is me, who will go and study and graduate and work or suffer at the end of the line.
Then an invitation from the school I only took came, and YAY! the course offered to me was HRM. Hotel and Restaurant Management, I felt like this was destined to me. Making other people happy with their pleasures in life, and feel the contentment after leaving the services that we offered is too much, and I want to be a part of it. Unlike the other fields, I am confident that with my course, i have waaay broader path than I thought.

Back to the topic we have this morning, i felt happy with the situation that I am soon graduating without any failure, and I hope I can keep it up, I am also excited with my practicum training, :) But somehow, I am sad, graduating means goodbye all the dramas in life and hello real world. How does that make any sense? Leaving all your teachers behind, and start with your own life alone, friends, will surely always be there, but you will for sure, go on different ways, that means, you can't be together forever! And I think emotionally, I am not ready for that.
Why am I talking about this? Because, I am thinking and taking things 'mature'-ly.
I am only 18, but I am pressured of all the shits that happened to me. Well, I know, everything falls under the perfect plan. Plan that I have to follow, and just follow. :))

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