Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Actually, Blogger isn't the first blogger site that I own. The first blogsite I have is Tumblr, i really enjoyed the company of the site, that until now, i still have my account; reblog a lot of stuffs, and before, i kept on posting some of my emotions in T. I even made T as my journal site not even thinking that my sister has T account, classmates, cousins, in short, a lot of people would actually read them, in any means, and in all possible way. 
After a while, I made an account on Wordpress. wordpress was quite okay, what makes me stop from  posting to that site was, pictures, videos, and some other files has it's limitations, sad but true, I don't want to delete my account at W, so I just literally abandoned it. 
Then, someone introduced me to Posterous, I started posting anything to it, like anythiiing! and my heart was really attached to P. I was first happy and satisfied, but as I opened my T account, anonymous messages poured out in my inbox. It was somehow sort of a hater's message, and it made me not want to pursue my blogging happiness. Then I realized, a lot of people actually knew about me having these blogs recently. I don't want to be selfish, but I do blogging because I want to express my thoughts and feelings that I kept inside, it's sad how people tried to ruin that part of me, and throw shitty things at me. :(
I created Blogspot, because this is my unpublished blog, meaning other people doesn't know the existence of this blog. I'm glad about that. If they really want to know about the blogs which I administered, then, they should really dig deeper, and do a lot of research. 'chos! It's better that they know because they were able to find a link about it, rather than, they know, because I kept on promoting it. 
Tumblr, Wordpress, Posterous. I still LOVE you! :) 

V ♥

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