Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dear Diary,
 I had fun today, I got good score in our Major quiz, :) I was really happy, after all I can really do better alone, and by myself, all I need to do is to TRUST myself. 
We didn't do much with our MIS, Ma'am Chona just gave us deadlines with our projects and ofcourse, the projects itself. After having MIS, Paolo and Me, went to CBA. Our intention was to be at the library at 3 in the afternoon, but library couldn't accomodate every student at the school, so we stayed at Student Center. 
Since, my next class was on 6. We just go to Park n Go; ate bread and do some chikkas.
Paolo was my boyfriend, but he could be very versatile if I want him to be one.
I got a not so good score in our Laws and Ethics Midterms examination.But one of my classmate, really caught my attention, I admire her,really. She got a perfect score and she's almost perfect in my eyes, I somehow envy her. But right now, as I was typing these things, I suddenly realized that God didn't and never created a man perfectly, He just created humans, uniquely. :))

That means, I AM UNIQUE. right GOD? :D

V ♥

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