Monday, September 26, 2011

My Glee Playlist.

Thank God I am now waiting for the next Glee episode. I did render a lot of time, for me to catch up to the latest episode, and right now! FINALLY! WHOOOO! :) Praise To GOD!

So here are SOME of my favorite Glee Cover :

1. Misery by the Warblers.
I just don't know, why everytime they'll cover a song, I usually get addicted to it.

2.Teenage Dreams by the Warblers.
3. Friday by New Directions.
When Rebecca Black released this song, a lot of people gave negative feed back about it, but that moment when I heard New Horizon covered the song, I wanted to hear it again and again.
4. Hey Soul Sister by the Warblers.
5. Jar of Hearts by Rachel Berry
Ever since, I knew about Jar of Hearts, I couldn't let a day pass without hearing the song. But when Rachel covered it, O__________o my heart flew, and I love Glee more!

So far, I only enumerate my Top5. Enjoy listening to your favorite Glee-covered songs. :)

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