Friday, September 30, 2011


Hi everyone! Today's the last day of September and at the same time, a day for my friend.
Since it's your birthday, then let my blog readers (if there's any) know you.


The first time I saw this girl was during our Acquaintance party, she was a freshman and I was a sophomore As far as I could remember, they presented a dance number. After some time, I kept on seeing her around school premise, which is normal because we are on the same course. :]]

March 31, 2011 came.When most of the students dreamed about getting in to Imperial Palace got qualified and have their hours rendered at IP.Upon arrival at the boarding house,rooms were assigned, 5:1 was the proportion, unfortunately, I was been separated from my group. Then I was with the 2nd year. (with Flori and the gang) At first it was a bit hard, I need to adjust with new girls and make myself comfortable, I was the elder, and I should be the role model in the room. chaaaar! After quite sometime, when everyone was comfortable mingling with each other; I got more closer to Flori. We were both left at our room when everyone will go on duty. Each day, we get comfortable towards each other, and I could still remember that time, when I accompany her, while she was doing her laundry. When I can't sleep, she's there willing to talk to me, and grab some snacks so that we could eat. HAHAHA.
'Sa iya rasad nako na ingon kung anus-a among special day', (i don't usually share it to others) she's soo kulit! she won't stop not unless she got the answers.

Today, it's your birthday, I hope you're HAPPY and you've enjoyed the blessing that God gave you.
Nevermind those pranks and downfalls that you've encountered in life, the world is cruel, but it is you who makes it beautiful! <3
dili nko mag over2 ug speech dri kay malabwan pa nia nako si chaar! hahaha.

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