Friday, September 30, 2011

Crazy Little things Called L♥ve

Dear Selected,
Hi there!
It's past midnight, and I am right here in front of the computer, starring at this blank page trying to think what to say.
I know this blog post may sound corny to some of you guys, but please, HEAR ME OUT! :)
I am really happy to see you all this day, God knows how much I miss you. Just this moment, I am starting to reminisce those days that we shared together, *teary-eyed* through thick and thin.
Though there are a lot of trials and difficulties that come and go as we go on with our friendship. A lot of us here, have little to huge misunderstandings, but I am still thankful that deep inside our fragile he♥rts, we're still willing to forgive and forget.
Guys, I am sorry if I miss a lot of fun. As what I've said, please wait for me, until I've got my college diploma. I swear! I will be the one to set a gig for us, and THAT IS, IF! I've got a job. :)
You might wonder, what's up with me, why am I writing all these shits and corny thoughts. Well, to tell you my loves, I haven't done this before, and all i wanted to do, right here and now is to tell you that I am soo HAPPY :) to have a GOOD, GREAT, and TRUE FRIENDS like you before it's too late.
Oh! I miss you! I really do! Prince's knows that. char!


Anyhow, after you'll read this, please do comment below. HAHAHA! Anyone can post their comment as long as it's not humiliating.
Today is last day of September 2011. The time is 12:36.

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  1. van, despite all the good the world seems to offer, true happiness can only be found in one thing - friends :)thank you