Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Time To Be #Spontaneous

Every Saturday, we always find time to visit my Grandparents. Though it is kinda tiring, because we have to wake up earlier and proceed to our Lolo's house (but the distance is really near, we can actually walk from our house to our Grand folks' house).

So, last weekend we came up with the idea of having a photo shoot of 'FATHER's DAY'
From my GrandFather, to my Father, my Eldest brother and his Son, my nephew.

that Saturdayy, a lot of visitors arrived at our Granny's house. 
then suddenly one of my cousin from Cebu arrived to visit our Lolo. My grandpa is 90 years old, basically he could not remember who's who anymore. :(

However, after some chit-chat and how's everyone, we decided to visit our aunt's place at Bacayo, ( I have not taken my bath yet and I was just wearing plain shirt and some shorts) OMG. O_O We stayed at Bacayo until 5pm and I really wanted to go home to take some shower, but my cousins and my sister were so indecisive that they or we could not decide where to go next. OMG. (

My cousin (the one from States who'currently staying at Cebu; the one who visits) wanted to chill-drink and get drunk, because he's used to do that every night at Cebu, like Party; basically. But sadly, he has cousins who are really 'probinsyano/nas' and we don't live a life like what he's used to.

We tried to come up with a brighter idea, we don't want to eat and eat and end the day with eating because we are now health conscious-ehem. (I don't have to explain myself, right!)
After taking dinner, we went to Iliganon, we ordered the durian shake (specialty of the house) then after we  went to Sportsbuck and rented the ALL-IN-ONE Room,  (I call it ALL-IN-ONE) because I believe, you'll not get bored while you're staying there. ;))

Forgive me for having this face, hahaha, I was the one who's taking pictures;so I am trying to add my presence in the scene. HAHAHA. #haggard.

and another one.

The room has the following facilities: A billiard table; videoke with 2 screens; 2 LCD pc internet connected; and a table Hockey. The room could accommodate 20-30 people. I tried billiard, my brothers were trying to teach me, but naaaah, nevermind, I will stick to chess as my sport instead. After trying billiard, I spent the whole night playing table hockey. I never thought it would be that challenging. 

How amazing that man who took this picture! He did not even made sure that it would end up this--- Blurry!
Sadly, it is the only picture that we have as a group. A complete one.
So, we went home around 1:00am, and the first thing I did? SHOWER! sadly, the next day, (Sunday) I was not able to go to church with my folks, I was in deep slumber.

So, that was my weekend.



  1. hahah kinsa ga.picture nniu ban?

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