Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey It's June: Get in The GYM. NOW!

Hi everyone!
Since it is June and Here in the Philippines, when we say, June, it means.
Oh Yes baby, we have to face the reality.
ByeBye Facebook, Hello Notebook. ByeBye Twitter, Hello Teacher.
So, I have decided to create a 'Back To School' Get-Up.
For college freshmen, there will always be a subject of P.E.
But don't worry, it will be easy as long as you attend classes and pay attention to your instructor.

So, Stop talking Van, and show me your pictures. Alright. Here it is.

The jersey and the jacket that I am wearing was formerly my Moms'. It is so great to know that the size fits me well, knowing that mom was skinny before. (that's what she was claiming)

Well anyway, college schools will always have P.E uniform or Gym uniform. (All you have to do is buy) ;)

So, again, I am kinda excited for everyone who will be going to school this semester, for the freshmen.
Be Nice, Be Yourself, and Don't let Anyone Do Mean To You. :)

So, whatever it is you are planning for your future. Go Ahead and Work It Out.
Don't give up your Dreams and Ambitions Not Unless You're Giving a One Good Fight!
Note: Don't Forget To Hype This Look. Please.



  1. CUUUUUTE kaayo Van! Murag female version of Zac Efron sa Highschool Musical :))

    1. HAHAHA, 'put your head in the game' Thanks ting! :)