Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 45.

*Valentines Day is just an ordinary Tuesday*

I don't get why other people were fussing about this day, the 14th of Feb. Then others would post in their wall in Facebook that sounds like they were bitter and they don't care if it's Vday or not. So if you really don't care about the date, then why the hell would you post the said status? huh?! URGH! IT'S JUST IRRITATINGGG!

Okay, sorry if I started this post with a rant.
Hello everyone! I know, it was so yesterday,the last time I posted something long.
So, since I am bitter with Valentine's. I mean, I don't expect Pao would give me things like roses and chocolates, and vllleeeeeh! I don't see the point of a guy giving something to a girl which he fancy on a Valentine's Day; why gave it on Valentine's Day if you could give it anytime of the year, Why won't others celebrate everyday as a ♥'s day. urgh! I wish a lot of people would think the way I think, so that they could understand me. Anyway, I am ranting again.

Though I don't like to celebrate Vdays..
14 February, 2012 was still special and memorable for me. :)
Because, we went out with my loves! :)
Those people who I care about, and I am happy to be with. :)) Oh yeah!

We went to Delecta, had our snack, then the 'Friendship Over' group also set their date at Delecta, so it end up like the extension of our school, we ruled the whole 2nd floor of Delecta, and believe me, we couldn't hear each other correctly, because it's too noisy. HAHAHAHAHA.
After a heavy snack, we went to the famous and the one and only mall here in our place. xD
We played basketball. How I wish, the amusement center is more fun and not just an 'eye-ball ground' for jej*m**. tsssssssss.

But still, Lovely Day.


V ♥