Sunday, January 22, 2012


I am on the verge of letting go.
I say letting go, when I mean, LET GO.
Yes, this is for real, and I hope for those people who happened to read this; please, just, please read it and don't react, or say something like 'why' or 'it's really sad' or something related to that. Because you don't know how things on our part works, you don't know the rules set, the attitude, the aura, everything that is going on. And the sad part is, it's really unfair for my part. And it's true that regrets would come in on the last part of the scenario.
I've been thinking about this over and over again, God, forgive me if I have to be sarcastic on some ways and have to hurt someone to have my freedom. For sure, I have to wait for the right time, the time when the other part is ready to let go and willing to accept my decision.
But for now, I am tired, and exhausted, really.
I am sorry for this unhappy post.
I just want to express this things..

V ♥

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