Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve.

Basically, before the year ends, we have this tradition and mandatory family picture.We also have this one on Christmas Eve, but we have our grandparents with us. I haven't blogged about that. 
Quick Recap on our Christmas Eve:
Nothing much extravagant like the others. We just had our 'usual' wait before the clock strikes 12 and while waiting, we watched something that would spoil the boredom, so we watched movie, that is our favorite pass time though. As we meet Christmas Day, we ate and talked then sleep. Sadly, my mother that time had her fever due to over fatigue and stress because of Typhoon Sendong. Well, anyways, what's important is we were celebrating the Christmas Eve together. I say together, we were all in one roof. :) On the evening of December 25, we had our Annual Christmas Party, we don't have much pictures, so this is all I've got for you.

New Year's Eve: as the title of this posts says.
I am used to family pictorials. 'chos.
I mean, I am aware that before every year ends, we will always have a picture of our family, like politicians do when they'll send holiday greetings to everyone, or what they do when spreading calendars, they always attach along with their calendars pictures of their family. (not related) HAHAHA.
So here's how I spent my last hours of 2011.
Cooked one dish for Medya Noche. and It was all out the entire evening. yeay!
Had dinner with my parents and my siblings+my brothers wife and his son. :))
Then the most awaited part, took our family picture. :) *thanks tripod*
The parentssss of Zac. :>
Le Girls &ZAC.
Le Girls+Zac.
this is sooo Candid!

Then we watched movie, Final Destination 5, though I've already seen that movie, I would want to watch it again. As the clock strikes 12, I was jumping, to increase my height number. 'chos! I did not jump, because I do believe, you will grow as long as you won't stop eating, 'chos! HAHAHAHA. I just greeted everyone, then hugs, then listened to the firecrackers set by our neighbors, greeted my friends and went online. :]
New Year's Resolution? naaah! I don't have to write any of those things. I mean, I am living and having my own faith, this time, I have to lift it all up to God. No New Year's Resolution, just Let God, plan for what's my future. :)

So, I guess, this is all for now.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, hello 2012, thank you 2011.

V <3

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