Friday, January 20, 2012


Giveaway: Sapatos and Favourite with Etallasa

Looks like the holidays are extended since Etallasa is still giving away more and more and more. This time this giveaway is made possible thanks to my favorite local online shops, Sapatos and Favourite. Thank you Julie for the prizes.

In order to inspire you to join, how about we are throwing a brand new pair to your shoe closet. Or perhaps a pretty corset? Sounds exciting, well here are the prices.

Size 7 Zebra printed shoes

White Corset

Aren't these lovely? Indeed it is. So here are the mechanics you need to follow in order to have a chance to win such.

Required = 3 entries

1. Like Sapatos on Facebook. (1 entry)
2. Like Favourite on Facebook. (1 entry)
3. Like Etallasa on Facebook. (1 entry)

Optional = 13 entries

4. Share this giveaway in your Facebook Wall tagging @Sapatos @Favourite and @Etallasa. Make sure to make this public so we can view and verify it. Include the LINK of this giveaway. (3 entries)
5. Add me via Google Friend Connect (Found at the right side of this blog). (1 entry)
6. Follow me on Twitter. (1 entry)
7. Share this giveaway in Twitter tagging @jurinsthea and making the post public. Include the LINK of this giveaway. (3 entries)
8. Add me on Lookbook, click Fan. (1 entry)
9. Blog about this giveaway. (4 entries)

Total number of entries: 16 entries

Once done, fill up this form ONCE. Please do not submit multiple times and create aliases since I have disqualified a few because of this. Let us be honest and give equal chances to everyone.

join HERE

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