Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6.

*Page 6 of 366*
Arrived from the City of Golden Friendship. And I'm tired, and happy. :))
A lot of things happened today.
Well, I guess, I just have to bullet them because 'em really tired, but it doesn't stop me from blogging.

  • Woke up 8-ish in the morning.
  • Played with Zac, a bit
  • Off to CDO with my family.
  • Arrived at CDO like almost 1.
  • Ate at Jo's
  • Went to Ford
  • Went to Civil Service.
  • Went to SM.
  • Shop.Shop.Shop.
  • Bought myself ODJ.
  • Ate Pizza @ yellow Cab
  • went Home
  • I'm HOME.

V ♥

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