Saturday, December 17, 2011


December 17,2011.
This day was supposed to be an ordinary day for most of us, living in this small town named Iligan.
Me and my family were actually planning about what we were suppose to be doing today, such as finalizing the entire program for our annual Christmas party. 
But everything was different, and I didn't expect these exact things will happen. T_______T
I actually don't know if I want to blog about this things right now, :( My heart is crashed, and I feel worried with all the people I am concerned with, plus, there's nothing more I can do than to pray.
December 16,2011
Raindrops kept on falling on our rooftop, cold winds blowing. Trees swaying.
It was been announced that there would be a storm coming, and Lanao del Norte is one of the target, we don't mind such things, I mean, for all those years passed, storms wouldn't reach Iligan, it would hit other Mindanao regions but not specifically Iligan. We were basically, not vigilant enough.
My mom woke us up, to know if we heard latest updates from the city, because my brother, who was at the moment, on duty, texted my mom, asking, if we were safe. My mom was actually worried because, we are safe, and what's with the text? she was then alarmed. Checking the internet connections, both PLDT and Globe, then turned on the news from the local radio stations, shifting from one station to the other. We tried to contact my brother who lives at Tambacan and to check if they were alright, but we can't reach them.
On my part, I woke up the moment my mother knocked on the door, then to check what time is it, I grabbed my phone, with many messages, one by one, I read it and seriously, I don't know exactly, how will I react.
Sheila texted me that they were on their rooftop, and they needed emergency rescue. Paolo texted me that they were on there rooftop too, and the same things happened with most of the messages I've read. 

(first 2)These area is located near Paolo's residence, and I don't know how will I cheer him up with the sudden things happening. :(

I am sorry for your loss, :( *watery-eyed*
Photo Credits: Facebook users.

Though, we don't know how it feels like to experience the massive flood that some of my fellow friends experienced, I am still happy to know, that they're okay, and they're all intact. Things, gadgets, cars, and other appliances are those materials that can be replaced by means of money. Houses are just houses, yes you don't have the shelter that you used to have, but somehow, let's just think of the brighter side. I am happy to know, that Paolo and his father were now safe, same with Lady, and the rest of my friends that i am concerned with, atleast they were still with their families and could celebrate Christmas together. :S


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