Thursday, October 13, 2011


What's with?
I thought this day would be extra special for me, I think I just expect too much, and once again, I felt sad and devastated.
Though we were together 4 hours and 10minutes before I took my Final exam. He actually tutored me and I was really thankful. While I was in the room, I felt nervous that maybe, I would forget everything that he taught me and I was right! I forgot 70% of what we've reviewed. Please don't judge me right away. Defensibly saying, I am really slow with numbers, thanks to miracle for surviving every math per semester such as Stat, Chem, Math, BF, Cost Control, Sales and Economics. The last 2 subjects will be taken soon.
I can't move on to the next number because formulas that I've reviewed was not digested properly. :(( I felt terrible.

I didn't expect the next scene that happened.
No one was there to walk with me and approach me as I go down. Haven't I said that, I wanted him to wait for me? :( Again, I felt sad. i felt crying, seriously, I was unhappy with the exam, and I need someone, to comfort me, not necessarily Paolo, but I need a friend, or someone whom I could talk to and just express my feelings before I burst into pieces. :( Unfortunately, faith didn't agree to send someone by coincidence. I walk down the lobby alone.

When I've reached the city proper, a lot of people were on streets. :( what the commotion all about?
Tubod jeeps were out of sight, is it strike? plus it's raining heavily, great! the sky is supporting my feelings.
After 1 hour of waiting, finally I've reached home, and until now, while I am writing this one, I am still sad, unhappy and regretting the uncherished  moment.

By The Way, HAPPY 22nd MONTHSARY BABY! :'s

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