Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movie Review

This is why, I love weekends. You could enjoy watching movies and just pig out! :)
For tonight, I finished 2 movies. :)) YAY! for me.

1. She's The Man. 

 This was released last 5 years ago, and I am living at the cave that time, so it's not really my fault if I've watched the movie just right now. :p

Some of it's scenes. :

When Viola, planned disguise her brother, she asked help from Paul and her friends. :)

Olivia, made her move towards Duke, so that Sebastian would be jealous of Duke, turned out that Viola was jealous of Olivia. 

 When finally, Viola revealed her true identity. 
2. Quarantine2: Terminal
Quarantine was a remake of Spanish Movie 'Rec' it was filmed with a video camera, that happened to be shaky and blurry and makes head ache. The good thing about Quarantine2: Terminal was the movie was filmed professionally, same with other good movies, and actors, wouldn't have to bring cameras/video cameras with them.
Seriously, this movie, made my heart pound! and whooo! that was a great shock! better than the part1. :)

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